Luke Kelly
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Luke Kelly graduated from West Virginia University with honors in 1980, and subsequently attended Duquesne Law’s evening program while working at the Allegheny County District Attorney’s office. He graduated in 1984 in the top third of his class and passed the bar exam immediately thereafter in September of 1984. In 1986 Luke transferred from Commissioner Pete Flaherty’s office to the Allegheny County Law Department, where he has represented qualified Plaintiffs in Support Court as an Assistant County Solicitor for the past 25 years.

Luke’s work with Allegheny County has allowed him to focus his private practice in Family Court where he spends a very high percentage of his time. Attorney Kelly has chosen to practice in family court only and in Allegheny and surrounding counties, cultivating relationships with important Court and administrative personnel. In so doing, he has been able to provide very knowledgeable and complete services to the clients he has served. Trained in mediation and collaborative law, Luke belongs to the only collaborative practice group in Pennsylvania, known as CLASP (read more about collaborative law at Nonetheless, Luke’s practice is focused on litigation, as the collaborative practice in this area is still catching on.

When selecting representation, it is critical that the client has the “right fit” with his or her Attorney. Attorney Kelly’s goal is to help clients feel more comfortable (or perhaps better said, less uncomfortable) while progressing through a divorce. In structuring a client’s course of action, Attorney Kelly focuses on addressing a few critical needs:

1) Clients want to know at all times what the “game plan” is—what will be happening over time and why;
2) Clients want an attorney who is accessible to them and prompt in returning calls and emails; and
3) Clients want competent representation.

Competent Counsel: A Word from Luke Kelly

My practice is my livelihood. It is intensely competitive but collegial. I find joy in working with numbers and in controlling the interrelated driving components of each case. If a case calls for a forensic accountant or a business valuation expert, I will lay the ground work and gain the upper hand by bringing one in early. My clients are my first priority. I’ve always used a forward-thinking approach when helping my clients and their families move on from the past. I work diligently and aggressively to achieve the outcome that my clients deserve. Obviously, divorce is not easy, but in having a proficient attorney, it becomes manageable; the stress will dissipate, and the necessary results will follow.