Civil Litigation

Suing or being sued? You've found yourself in the realm of civil litigation.
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Civil litigation in Pennsylvania can occur at the local, state or federal level depending on the gravity of the claims and the statutes at issue.

Civil litigation is a general term for a broad array of types of court cases. Generally, civil matters relate to claims regarding the payment or non-payment of money, breaches of contracts, personal injuries, automobile accidents, and many more. Civil cases can arise from complex intersections of law and fact but can also come from everyday situations one may not expect.

At Stockey & Kelly, we handle all types of civil litigation; few and far between are civil cases from which we shy away. Whether it is a small claim in front of your local magistrate or a violation of federal statute, we will stand up for you before any civil court in Pennsylvania. Below are just a few of the civil litigation services we offer.

Detailed Services

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  • Automobile/Motorcycle Accidents
  • Animal Bites/Attacks
  • Breach of Contract Actions
  • Debt Collection Abuse/Harassment
  • Property Liability/Slip and Fall
  • Home Improvement Contractor Disputes
  • Negligence Claims
  • Payment Disputes
  • Unfair Trade Practices

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