Employment Litigation

You have a right to work in an environment where you are free of discrimination, hostile treatment and termination based on your membership in a protected class.

We do whatever it takes to make sure that our clients’ rights in the workplace are vindicated.

Many clients come to us during some of the worst periods in their lives, after suffering a wrongful termination or enduring sometimes years of a hostile environment at work. Unfortunately, much (if not most) objectionable employer treatment is not illegal; as a general matter, the only rights employees have in the workplace are those specifically set forth by statute. Those include the right to be free from discrimination based on your race, color, religion, sex, national origin, or disability status. These protections extend to decisions relating to hiring and firing, benefits and/or compensation, and many other terms and conditions of work. These statutes also protect you from retaliation against you for opposing discriminatory practices as well. But what does all this mean?

The employment litigation arena is nuanced and complex, with layers of regulation and procedures in place that must be followed in order to preserve your rights. For example, there is a time frame set by federal law within which you must file a charge of discrimination with the EEOC if you feel you’ve suffered a discriminatory employment action; however, in Pennsylvania that time limit is greatly extended. You need an attorney who is familiar with the regulations and procedures of these types of cases to make sure that your right to sue is preserved. Many employers run their businesses like despots in their own kingdoms; in most instances, that is their right and though they may not treat their employees well, it is not against the law. Discriminatory treatment based on legally-protected classes, though, is no one’s right and many such employers run afoul of these federal and state employee protections.

We Litigate for Workers’ Rights

Below is just a small sampling of the types of employment actions we handle. Many fact patterns fit into one or more of these, or others not listed. To determine if you’ve got a claim for employment discrimination, wrongful termination or violation of other employee protections, call us now!

  • Discrimination based on race, color, religion, sex, or national origin
  • Sex-based discrimination in employees’ pay for equal work
  • Disability discrimination or failure to make reasonable accommodations

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  • Retaliation for complaining of discrimination
  • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) violations
  • Age discrimination against employees 40 and over