Family Litigation

Family litigation is among the most sensitive types of cases an attorney can handle. Our attorneys have the expertise and experience to protect you and your family.

Luke Kelly is our lead attorney in domestic matters and is one of Pittsburgh’s most respected family attorneys.

A Message on Family Litigation from Luke:

In over 25 years as a family law attorney there have been a number of typical questions that spouses ask at their initial consultation. The most common question is this: What do I need to do now? The answer depends to a large extent on how they answer this question: Do you want to be divorced?

When one spouse is unsure as to whether he or she wants a divorce, our common counsel is not to worry about financial issues; there is nothing that cannot be done after the spouse makes the very personal decision regarding whether they really want to be divorced. This is a decision that should be driven not by fear but only after careful reflection (and often marriage counseling). While there are a minority of cases where some action is needed before the decision is made, in those cases the action needs to be studied and careful so that the decision is not made by the action taken but by the true desires of the parties.

The Game Plan

In order to be a dominate player in a practice this large, an attorney needs experience and respect within the legal community. In terms of experience, Attorney Kelly has solely been a family litigator for over 30 years. He has extensive connections within the area and has handled thousands of cases with an unimaginable number of accompanying legal issues.

For each unique client, Attorney Kelly strategically creates a Game Plan. This client centered strategy is focused on achieving the client’s desired priorities on a stated time line. The client has input in the Game Plan as dictated by these priorities. It is your divorce and, as such, you need to have an understanding of the process and be given critical input on how it will proceed. In this manner, clients have less anxiety and ideally a better quality of life under the tough circumstances.


Clients that come to us from other law offices typically express one common complaint: “My attorney did not return my calls and I don’t think that is right.” We agree. Clients don’t need to be waking up in the middle of the night wondering if their lawyer really has their back. Upon being retained, our clients are supplied with Attorney Kelly’s email address, back-line phone number for calls before office hours, and cell phone number. Attorney Kelly provides clients with the ability to schedule around their busy lives at either of our two offices: Downtown Pittsburgh or Canonsburg. Your attorney’s accessibility is critical to your case.

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